Co-Curricular Activities

Obesity , lack of stamina, diabetes and other sedentary life style diseases are now seen in young children, mostly due to denial of regular exercise. Outdoor activity and rigorous games are missing from our Children's daily routine. La Chatelaine tries to reverse this trend. Physical exercises, Aerobics , Yoga and team games are built into the time table and all our students should compulsorily participate in some physical activity every week. The Physical education teachers and coaches engage the students with professional competence. La Chatelaine has teams in sub 18 age categories , for Cricket, Basket Ball, Volley Ball and Table Tennis. They participate in many interschool competitions. We have some excellent results in district, State and even National level competitions. There are qualified coaches for Basket Ball, Cricket and Volley Ball. The students who are talented in these games are systematically identified and included in the School teams of different age groups. While we encourage all our students to join any game they want and participate in all field events. The talented are also given special coaching and enter in competition at interschool and inter district level. To date our biggest achievement were winning under 15 TNCA Cricket tournament , National Girls Volley b all Tournament in West Bengal and Southern states Basket ball Championship. Yet , we teach the children to play for the thrill of participation and not for vanquishing the competition. La Chatelaine firmly believes sport should never become a cause of depression or stress.

The three R's without Arts do not educate. An ear for music, interest for dance forms and introduction to our traditional instruments are vital to complement pedagogy with aesthetics. La Chatelaine has teachers for Carnatic Music, Bharathanatyam, Veena, Guitar, Mridangam, Tabla, Keyboard, Drawing and Craft making. Robotics is grouped under work experience for class 6 to 9. La Chatelaine is not aiming to produce masters or exponents. Our interest is in making the students aware of our rich culture and appreciate the concept that traditional Indian Arts are education for their souls. Refining the minds through academics alone leaves the job half done. Music and arts are what gives the finish and shine. Every class has their term wise class cultural shows to exhibit their talents in all kinds of performing arts to an audience made up by their parents.