The total built up area is 70000 sq.ft. There are a total of ninety seven classrooms out of which fifty five classes V to XII, are arranged around a quadrangle. The classrooms are glass fronted to avoid boxed-in-look. The quadrangle is wooded and the students get full view of greenery throughout the plate glass walls. The Foundation and Primary classes are about 700 feet away from the quadrangle. The Quadrangle is named after our Founder as ‘ Shantha Rajagopal Block’ . There are forty two classrooms for the kindergarten and Primary kids and they have their own play ground too. This Block is named as ‘R.Venkatasubramania Iyer Centenary Block Block’[RVS block]

The labs are seven in number are located at the western part of the campus in the ground floor. They are for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Composite Science , Mathematics and CC1 and CC2 for Computer Science. For language, there is one laboratory.

Library is spread over 3000 sq.ft. with thousands of books in all subjects. Library has provision for more than hundred students to sit and read and each class has one period assigned and the students are encouraged to take any book and read. One qualified Librarian and an Assistant Librarian guide the students. There is one Library for Primary and another Library for middle, Senior and Senior Secondary students.

La Chatelaine's playground is spread over forty grounds with a concrete Basket Ball court, two volley ball courts, four cricket nets and open area for calisthenics, yoga and field games.

For indoor games, there is Chess. To teach work experience subjects, Arts and Crafts, we have earmarked an exclusive wing. Music department is equipped with trained teachers teaching Keyboard, Guitar, Tabla, Mridangam and Carnatic Music. We have two auditoriums, one open amidst trees and another indoor with 2000 sq.ft. stage and 10000 sq.ft. seating space. The covered auditorium can accommodate thousand parents. Classwise culturals are staged in these facilities in the presence of the parents.

La Chatelaine has a medical team in the school campus to minister the health of its children. The Health Office is housed in a 1500 sq.ft. air-conditioned facility, under the control of a Medical officer.