What's Unique?
The procedure is extremely simple. On a day nominated in October, every year we receive registrations for admission for the next academic year that commences in June. Registrations are permitted only for UKG. No admissions of freshers are made for higher classes. From among the registered candidates those who qualify by the proximity of residence and age criteria are issued the application forms. This process is completed by January every year and admissions are confirmed after receipt of the filled-in applications along with other supporting documents. La Chatelaine does not have interviews for the parents. La Chatelaine's application forms have no columns for the applicants' caste or region. No information is solicited about the parents' qualification, profession or earnings. La Chatelaine believes every child has a right to education and it is the School's job to educate them. We have no interest in their parents' degree as we do not expect them to do our job.We are the only private School, certainly in Tamilnadu probably in the whole country to provide full lunch to all our students and staff without charges. We ensure all our students get nutritionally balanced food, hot from the pot at no addtional cost to their parents. Every working day, La Chatelaine's kitchen serves 3700 lunches. This, we have been doing for decades and God willing, hope to do so for ever. This is the first School to totally computerise teaching of all subjects in the primary section in the year 1998. All our classclassrooms are digitized classrooms.
The only School in India where the students carry nothing heavier than a pen! Yes our students do not have books bag because the books are stored in the School lockers with an additional copy at home. They do not carry a tiffin box as we serve the lunch. No water bottle is needed since we provide them certified drinking water brought everyday from a reputed mineral water factory.
From Std First to Fifth there are no text boks at all: only languages are taught with assistance of text books. Assignments and activities take cared or reinforcement.
From sixth to twelfth the academic activities are more traditional in line with universally accepted convention. Text books are prescribed for every subject conforming to the recommendations of the NCERT(National Council of Educational Research and Training) and the Central Board of Secondary Edcucation. The digital classrooms are equipped with interactive boards, projectors, computers and centraal servers. We use Extra Mark's propriety educational software for middle and higher secondary classes. From all classes till the eighth there are two languages apart from English. From ninth std one of the two Languages is dropped. La Chatelaine teaches Hindi as a compulsory language for all classes up to the secondary level. The other lanaguage avalilable is Tamil up to tenth std.
When La Chatelaine's students reach the Eleventh std they branch into different streams.At Plus 1 level we have five groups
Group I : English, Mathematics. Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Group II : English, Mathematics. Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science.
Group III: English, Mathematics. Business Studies , Accountancy and Economics.
Group IV : English, Mathematics. Business Studies , Accountancy and Computer Science.
Group V : English, Economics. Business Studies , Accountancy and Computer Science.